The Modernist Building

This building began as a truly Modern building, the Dollhouse Emporium 1, 2, 3 Waterford Way:

I wasn't looking for a Modern Building, but rather a Modernist one, inspired by the architecture that surrounds me here in Barcelona....

 Setting up the walls for the stonework

 Laying the stones

 The grout was applied with a template

 The finished stone work

 Side entrances

 Secret doors! In order to access the back rooms in the building
 We cut additional windows (and secret doors!)

 The inside hasn't begun, but the floor plans are drawn and ready to go!

 Side entrances

 The making of the secret doors...

 ...and windows!

 A semi finished façade

 The balconies-almost ready, just missing the railings

 Almost there! (with a curious passerby looking on...)

 Detail of some of the stained glass windows


  1. It looks great! The stone work turned out perfect. I love the pink color on the exterior..very cheerful.

  2. Your house is beautiful! Hannah

  3. Guau!!!!
    Manudo trabajazo. Va quedando genial. Más por favor.
    Un saludo