La Casa de Keelin

I received the Artesania Latina Casa Linda kit from my parents for Christmas in 2002.  This was the first dollhouse I assembled from scratch. I put in the electricity, layed the carpeting, wallpapered and painted the house. It has many of my childhood miniatures, and of course, lots of new additions! As a child, I always wished to have a finished dollhouse, complete with every detail imaginable and working lights! This is my little dream come true!

View of the front and inside of the house

The Master Bedroom, the brass bed was a gift from my grandmother when I was little. The bedspread was made by Azucena from the Miniature Community I belong to, along with the small matching pillow and blue Spanish fan on the wall. The chair in the corner is a new addition, my first attempt and putting together a furniture kit! 

  The Kitchen...the red table was a gift I received from Santa when I was five years old! The kitchen has lots of my favorite yummy American treats, like Jif Peanut Butter,  Welch's grape jelly, Wonderbread, caramel apples, chips and M&Ms, Chicago pizza, Life Cereal, Captain Crunch, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, oatmeal, cookies, well as some Spanish delicacies, such as Spanish Ham, breads, and sausages! The fridge is filled with goodies, too!

 The Hallway...I made the cat scratching post from a tutorial on Mishelly's Zoo.

 The Bathroom...notice the litter box with real litter!  All of the furniture is from my childhood, the porcelain bath pieces were a gift from my grandmother.

 The Office..a globe representing a world traveler, instruments members of my family and I have played, touches from the South West compliments of my best friend, and a pack of cigarrettes and one is lit-I am an ex-smoker now!

  Children's room-all of the furniture, and most accessories in this room date back to the 1970`s and early 1980's. They are part of my childhood collection! The beds were originally bunk beds, but I cut them to fit in this room. The desk was a gift from my Grandma. I painted the beds and desk to match this room.

  The Living and Dining Room. The hutch is from my childhood collection. The table is set for my favorite meal of the year...Thanksgiving! Also on the table is a Spanish Easter Cake I made at my first miniature workshop led by Eva Perendreu at Drap in Barcelona.

  The Patio...with a view of the fountain I made at Eva Perendreu's workshop at Drap in Barcelona.

The Patio from can see the plant I made at Evolve's 1st Miniature Marathon! It's the one with little white flowers below and to the right of the fountain. Sandra taught us the neatest techniques for making a potted plant! I can't wait to try another!

The dollhouse all lit up!

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  1. preciosa casa , muy graciosos los gatitos sobretodo el del baño con su cajita de arena , no te falta detalle.
    Besos Loly